Social Media Strategy

BCSM197 Final update progressing  aGold_key

An Overview of the Business: Invigorating the need for completely In House newsletters on new science from the visual perspective of the artist is our business plan.  Our offering is a biweekly periodic newsletter loyal to the design development for 3D technical and visionary artist. It is written directly to the artist who needs to detail evolving technologies as well as refine optimizing 3D graphics for animation. For example, which software application is working for the specific processes? Delivery methods could be and may include technology pages integrated into social tools such as Quara through Linked-In.

 Business Goals: Rewarding the scientist authoring idea findings with illustrious replica- ted interpretations simulating the vital points of the subject worth investigating. More so, which may ignite industrious devotion, encouraging mutual supporting help in order to “feed-the-need.”

Media distribution by content and industry shall be specific. Collaborating among subscrib- ed company members will be within an easy-to-use multiplatform, universal device, viewable website that would feature the scientist, as accessibly “on-tap”.  The reach is for maximizing search engine technology to drive traffic directly to and from End Users.
With evolving demand, networking outside of the bureaucratic constrained but occupied bandwidth, may we also suggest encouraging “Radio graphic” technology.  Although unknown, this method harnesses solar energy of the sun’s rays to guide communication waves as if on horseback.

As a unique perspective, this proposed newsletter is for Specific Users who are directly creating the art works, which can return feedback and exchange ideas among developers worldwide via our blogging and RSS Feeds. We will also use video conferencing, live chat and eventually an intranet type system helping improve data flow. This effort works on plat- forms including Cloud Technology, and is adaptable into emerging platforms when ready.

Vision: Far more than simply proposing it, it is clearly well-known that communicating through visual and eye-witness experimentation delivers better results! For example: GEO Engineering, Marine Habitat Renovation, and Agricultural Intervention to name a few, have as we know it, a never-ending need for content that helps us get to the point. point. As an avenue for real-time interactivity this informal proposal promises helping facilitate doing just that.

Audience: Users directly creating the art works. We empower proven advantageous to the artist who sell and profit from new and previously unseen designs and illustrations. Our primary market is poised to work only with responsible individuals and or parties who are paying members involved in the industry, buying active subscriptions, and value leveraging each other’s needs. We understand that this may or may not satisfy the greater common need. Yet, we vow to remain basically a  media agent providing a profit seeking service.

Competitive Assessment Current State: The need, the niche, and User response is “enthusiastic” here in the Seattle areas.

Tools: Utilizing Linked-In, Twitter, Facebook, and any other relevant Social Media products, or pertinent platforms within protected access entry perimeters. During our initial phases this will supply the depth of contact with superficial style requirements. When we make more money we spend more.

Purpose: We want to work from home. The primary media generating employees have new families and dare not risk fundamental developmental new experiences to a non-family member. Our company is just too young to hand over to strangers! We want to invest our travel time in bettering known relationships. We think this choice will earn more money within the least amount of time.

Measurement Execution: This is unstated…or “when my wife gets out of the bathroom”

Review Cycle: This ongoing effort occurs every 30 days with supported QA’s discussable with SCORE Representatives, mentoring agents, and trusted creative friends.


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