My thoughts on the Article…

Using my reading time reading, makes life good especially for this assignment which asks  “my thoughts about…” a selected article in the classroom link list.  I have chosen: “5 Blogging Etiquette Tips for Beginning Bloggers” By Melanie Nelson, August 17, 2009

My interpretation about this author’s good advice with blogging etiquette used in everyday networks is listed below by the greater points:

1. Use permalinks! If you can you simplify navigation for every one. 

2. Do not hotlink images. Even if you think someone says what you want to say much better with their image. The plan should be to keep your audience on your Web pages while reading your content. Here you can maximize usage and maintain your reader’s good experience, hopefully. 

3. Ask permission (for almost everything) this expresses good intentions and discipline. Is that fair to more that you. I help improve relationships that may be in your network. 

4. Do not sell yourself in comments. Ask is the link relevant? It is probably best to simply not do so. 

5. Do not be offended if someone doesn’t accept your tag in a meme. It is OK to let it go because not every will make the same choice. So, let it go. 


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