Biography Intro

Although I have studied Graphic design and 3D art creation techniques elsewhere, my needs for maintaining active skills and tool set improves with more studies.

Blogging is for communicating hopefully with you. I would like to network about art the methods used for creating 3D art and how selling it improves our life. If this is an ordinary choice to you, this blog page will do okay.

The idea is getting comfortable with blogging with in network connections. I will engage in the “connected” life style for employment, career learning, projects, books, tools, and most anything that I might desire sharing conversation about on a number of blog sites.

I am passionate about this Social Networking topic since I have invested in  designated time and place that provides qualified instruction. When I am not involved with the blog of my passion I will return to making 3D graphics. The art of making 3D objects and scenery that has realism and motion is my greatest passion.  This is the most interesting and progressing work I frequently think about.

How about you?


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